Mawson Group Exit and Succession

Mawson Group

Mawson GroupThe Mawson Group is one of Australia’s foremost business advisory agencies, providing superior advice to Australian businesses for many years. The firm specialises in small to Medium enterprises (SME), creating complete business solutions that help clients meet attainable goals. Mawson Group has helped hundreds of Australian business owners deal with this transition, and works hard to ensure that owners get what they want out of this change.

Mawson Group prides itself on its fully-integrated approach to problem solving, taking advantage of every resource available. Mawson Group has a strong reputation for creating viable solutions to difficult problems faced by business,especially involving ownership transfer.

Transfer of business ownership can come in many forms, the two primary being succession and exiting. Mawson Group understands that different owners want different outcomes when transferring the business and their primary goal is to ensure their client’s needs are met.

The first step in exit or succession transfers is to create a complete review of the business finances, in order to determine the best course of action. An exit plan, devised by the Mawson Group company, is then set in place that meets client’s needs, and helps the business succeed under new management.

By providing clear, end-to-end solutions to complex problems, Mawson Group can help empower business owners to succeed through adversity, or help move on to the next stage in the business’s life. Let Mawson Group be your business’s guide on the way to greater success and prosperity.

Carrie’s Cuts: A Note on Signage


mstHey there, readers!

For the newcomers, I’m Carrie…and I give you the news BEHIND the news. The stuff you don’t hear about, the news that comes AFTER the news, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about everything.

Basically, news without the fluff. Unlike a certain someone we could talk about over at News Talk Deal, who seems to think presenting nothing but meaningless fluff is actually satisfying.

So. Down to business. Let’s imagine a person who is lost in Melbourne. This person gets lost quite a bit, because they have a poor sense of direction and  not much in the way of brainpower. Let’s call this imaginary person ‘Briella’. So Briella is stumbling through Melbourne one misty, cold night. Probably going to a party, or some such thing. It would seem that signwriters in Melbourne have deserted her; either that, or she just can’t see where she’s going because of the mist (she may also be illiterate).

Then she sees it…a magnetic, A-frame sign to point the way! Briella is saved, though she probably toppled off her high heels to her death at some point later in the evening.

What I’m trying to illustrate is that becoming lost in Melbourne has been in the news a lot lately, and it doesn’t make much sense. It’s such an easy city to get around. There was that dignitary from North Korea who managed to get himself turned around towards the sewage plant. That was absolutely MILES away from where he was heading. How he managed it is beyond me- the signage wasn’t that bad.

To get lost that badly, or like our totally-fictional Briella, takes special effort. Not to mention we now have GPS aplenty, so if you don’t have it on your phone, ask somebody. Melburnians are a friendly lot.

Before you visit an complain about the safety signs in Melbourne, just know that help is only a request away. Or you could look up from your smartphone and check the sign.

Thanks for reading Carrie’s Cuts!!

Carrie’s Cuts: Unsung Limo Heroes

limo driver hand

limo driver handHey there, readers!

It’s Carrie here, giving you the low-down behind the news of the week and current affairs. That’s right- real information, not just ‘straight talk’. Briella can go and take a hike, and she can take her lack of journalistic integrity with her.

So, down to business: limousines. Specifically, limousines in Melbourne. Has anyone noticed how they’ve gone a bit crazy lately? It all started with that transforming limo. It didn’t turn into a giant robot, but it COULD go back and forth between limo and armoured car. Pretty cool, especially those videos of it shifting on the move.

Then we had that couple who nearly plunged one of them off a cliff, but stopped it because they were race car drivers. And another newlywed couple who took their limo around Australia. I mean, what a road trip!!

The limo stories have just poured in. Remember the yabby incident? Some crazy environmentalists drove one into a school and unleashed an army of crustaceans. Then there was the hero who stopped an old lady from ramming into a coffee shop (with a limo), and the OTHER hero who stopped the joyriding teenager from steering into a pole.

Seriously, why are we not gathering together all of Melbourne’s limousine drivers and doling out the medals? Not only do they engage in super-heroics, they also put up with parties happening right behind them and still manage to steer straight. Pretty sure if I was a limo driver, I’d just want to join in constantly.

What I’m saying, overall, is that there are certain members of our community who deserve a bit of credit. They get flashes of importance in the news, but it’s not enough. Just remember next time you consider wedding limo hire in Melbourne and beyond; there’s a pretty good chance your driver is going to be engaging in daring-dos. Just sit back and go with it.

Thanks for reading Carrie’s Cuts!!

‘Pure Rubbish’ Panned, Causing Riots

Pure Rubbish

Pure RubbishA new series portraying the antics of a number of lower-class workers has been critically panned, to the point where it had incited riots in several communities around Australia.

Pure Rubbish is a sitcom revolving around the lives of several Canberra rubbish removal men, who are comically incompetent at their jobs and often get into strange predicaments after finding a odd pieces of rubbish during their shifts. Despite high viewership ratings, the show has been panned by critics and a number of political groups, who have the declared the show to be ‘vulgar and utterly tactless’.

Pure Rubbish is an affront to Australian values,” said critic Harry Gobson, “The lowest common denominator trash. Poorly written, stuffed with obscene language, it asks us to derive humour from a group of unlikeable idiots who neglect their jobs in order to attach wheels to sofas and tell long-winded stories. It makes me ashamed to be a part of the media.”

Critical reception across the board was universally negative, with the Sun Tribune’s Farah Adams describing the show as ‘crude in all the wrong ways- sexist, racist and a step backwards for our nation’, and Gregory Williams from the APL saying that ‘Pure Rubbish is devoid of a reason to laugh. It sucks the joy out of television for its entire running time; anyone enjoying this tat should reevaluate their sense of good taste.’

The show’s impact has gone beyond critical, as it has incited riots and acts of violence against several prominent television stations by parent groups and activists. Though very little damage has been done, the groups have made the demand that Pure Rubbish be taken off the air, citing it to be an insult to Canberra hard rubbish collection technicians.

Pure Rubbish has yet to finish its first season.

Carrie’s Cuts: Wedding Straight Talk



Hi, readers- it’s Carrie here. That Briella from News Talk Deal thinks she’d the only one who can straight talk. I’m here to take her down a peg.

I’ve had a lot of readers asking me about weddings. Some of you want recommendations for napkin folds, dress styles, DJs and so much more. I’m happy to dole out the advice, me being a bit of a style guru. But so many people ask about invitations that I feel I have to address them en masse.

I’ll start off by saying that I agree- invites are the WORST. Most of your questions are along the lines of ‘Carrie, I have stacks of elegant wedding invitations all ready to go, but who am I going to send them to? I don’t want to offend anyone, but I can’t invite everyone, and there’s family, and…’ you get the idea. What a drag. So here’s Briella’s stone-cold guide to who gets to come to your special day.

Family- Duh. It’s an unwritten rule that they have to be there. Even if past dramas have caused a split, send it on anyway. It’s their choice from there. hey, you might even make it up on the day.

Friends- Set a number, and work your way out. Cap it at, say, 300 for the ceremony and decide on your 300 closest friends. You have to let your heart turn to ice a bit, otherwise you’ll have people spilling into the street. Whip out that guillotine and go to town.

Exes- BA-BOWWW. No way. Not even a chance. You might feel obligated, but if you’re any less than ‘good friends’ (so, that’s pretty likely), leave them out.

Work Colleagues – Tricky one. Chances are you’re not super chummy, but since you see them most days it’ awkward not to invite them. Go ahead and hand out those funky wedding invitations like there’s no tomorrow; chances are they won’t make it. It helps not to prattle on about your wedding at every opportunity.

On a final note, keep the reception SUPER-small. Family only, and some really, really close friends if you must. The closer it is, the easier it is in so, so many ways.

That’s my stone-cold guide. I can’t make your big decisions for you, but hopefully that helps a tad.

Thanks for reading Carrie’s Cuts!

Richmond Hairdresser Wins Impractical Style Award

long hair

long hairA hairdressing competition held in Los Angeles has crowned a local Richmond hairdresser creation with the title of ‘Most Impractical-Yet-Practical Hairstyle’, the first time the winner has not been from the US.

The competition draws in competitors from across the world, who seek to showcase ladies style cuts that are bizarre, outrageous and- as the award states- utterly impractical. Models provided are required to have hair that is significantly longer than the waist, and it is up to the individual hairdresser to decide on the style.

Last year’s winning style saw the model’s hair shaped into that of an exploding sun, complete with beads and heavy hair clips that acted as pieces of debris. The practicality of the style was explained as the hairpiece being a useful scientific demonstration device.

This year’s competition was won by Melbourne-based hairdresser Selena Pryor, who claims that her style was inspired by a particularly violent episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. The style involved adding numerous hair extensions, forming eight long, intricate braids and fixing a bladed weapon to the end of each one.

“It’s very impractical,” said Pryor in her explanation to the judges, “I mean, the potential for cutting yourself as you walk around is very high. Plus you have swords hanging off your head, so that’s not healthy for the roots.”

The judges for impracticality were then replaced with judges for practicality.

“It’s highly practical in a combat situation,” said Pryor. “If you were attacked, all you’d need to do was spin around. You’d make a whirling shield of blades that could repel your attackers.”

The award involves an image of the style being placed in the ladies style cut hall of fame, as well as $20,000 in funding for Selena Pryor to found her own salon.

Keymore Sued for Damages


meetingThe suburb of Keymore is in uproar after a Brisbane mortgage broker firm declared their intention to sue the township for damages done to a number of their agents.

With a number of renovations and property developments happening in the Keymore region, most notably the soon-to-be-opened boarding school, a trusted Brisbane finance frm was brought in to help with monetary concerns. Despite many citizens wondering why a Brisbane firm would be involved in this project, mayor Raine Kiln assured the population that the decision was a personal preference of the client.

However, the disappearance of 22-year-old Joshua Wallace early into the project apparently strained relationships. Though other finance brokers were sent in his place, the firm is reporting harassment and unfair working conditions that have left a lasting impact.

“We were happy to have Joshua Wallace returned to us,” says firm spokesperson Angela Forbes, “But the way the case has been handled is unacceptable. No perpetrators have been found. No progress has been made. And in the meantime, our workers have had their time wasted and have been subject to abuse.”

The lawsuit is reportedly against the ruling body of Keymore, but specifically targets the client responsible for bankrolling the renovations.

“We’d like to call this client out of the shadows,” said Forbes, “They’re as much responsible for this as anyone.”

Meanwhile, mayor Raine Kiln has declined to comment on the lawsuit, except for a brief statement to the media in which she confirmed that they will fight the charges.

“Bad idea, taking on Keymore,” says local farmer Harold Turnipseed. “This’ll make nothing but trouble. First they disturb the mansion, and now this. Bad things are brewing, mark my words.”

A Brisbane finance broker ambassador has arrived in the suburb, and legal negotiations have begun.

Toolbox Van Unveiled

tradie van

tradie vanHudson Tools have presented a vehicle that they believe will revolutionise the work of the tradie: the Toolbox Van.

Equipped with state-of-the art technology, the van is the same approximate shape as an aluminium toolbox, yet has wheel,s a windscreen and a complete functioning engine under the hood. The exterior is aluminium mixed with steel, and the vehicle has been confirmed to be completely roadworthy.

However, the true functionality of the Toolbox Van lies in its readiness for any situation. With pulling power in excess of most 4WDs, the van also houses a fully functional blowtorch, hose and has a room’s worth of storage space in the back, along with racks for shelf fittings. The side compartments contain pre-built slide-out tool boxes, internal power sources, compartments for larger objects and water tanks, as well as food storage areas.

“It’s everything a tradesperson needs, says Jerome Hudson, creator of the Toolbox Van. “I’ve included everything, for every eventuality. The only things not included are tools for jobs that haven’t been invented yet.”

Hudson Tools have stated that they hope for the Toolbox Van to revolutionise the field of tradie transport, and they expect their invention to be commonplace on the roads over the next few years.

Meanwhile, other innovations presented from independent developers have included the rotating hard hat, and a set of roof racks and bars that are able to detect the alignment of cargo and have pre-prepared insults if a load is not secured properly.

Couple Purchases Wrong Home, Move in Anyway

empty house

empty houseA newlywed couple who accidentally purchased the wrong house have set up home in their original choice and have stated their intention not to move, despite not having paid for the property.

Sunshine Coast couple Phil and Hayley Dawson had neglected to make preparations for after their wedding, and chose a house online during their honeymoon. With the matter settled, they made a stop at the Sunshine Coast finance broker office on their way back from the airport to sign the paperwork, after which they travelled to their new home.

However, the couple were apparently surprised to learn that they had actually purchased number fifteen on that street, instead of sixteen, their original choice. Their belongings had all been moved into fifteen, and a check of the paperwork confirmed that it was indeed fifteen they had agreed to purchase.

This resulted in the Dawsons breaking into the vacant sixteen and setting up their home, refusing to move.

“It was an erroneous click,” said Phil Dawson, speaking from number sixteen. “I saw the ‘would you like to buy this house now?’ button and I just went for it. Those buttons should be more clearly marked.”

“Fifteen is a hovel,” added Hayley Dawson. “We’d never choose a dump like that. Sixteen has everything we need, so we’re staying. We won’t be hoodwinked by some stupid ad on the internet.”

The couple have defied attempts by home inspectors to enter, stating that they are the ‘true’ owners of the property and stating that they intend to defend their home.

“This is why you should always check what you’re clicking on,” says Sunshine Coast mortgage broker Thom Jones. “I’ve always said, we shouldn’t accept Paypal for this kind of thing. Makes youngsters far too keen to just go around clicking on whatever they like. That they were in a hurry, and on their honeymoon, didn’t really help.”

The couple have stated that they will defy any and all attempts to remove them from the house, including police intervention.

Missing Inspector Found in School


sub-basementA building inspector has been discovered during final checks on the Draconis School of Advanced Education, after having been missing for four months.

A host of Melbourne building inspectors were called in to assess the stability of the boarding school, which has been converted from the old Keymore mansion. Concerns were raised about the structural integrity of the building, which has not received any kind of renovation since the early 1900s. The inspectors were completing final checks before the school opens in September when missing inspector Jason Klein, 22, reportedly stumbled out of the basement. Though the basement had also been renovated, Jason was able to tell police that he had fell down into the sub-basement before collapsing and being brought the local Keymore hospital.

Klein has been described as being astoundingly fit and healthy for having been trapped underground for four months, though he is currently suffering from vitamin-D deficiency and has yet to wake up from severe exhaustion.

Klein’s family have expressed their amazement and relief at finding him unharmed, and police have declared an end to the manhunt. However, local residents have noted that the finding of Jason in the basement was no surprise.

“I’m surprised that house let him go,” says local farmer Harold Turnipseed, “Must’ve got tired of him. Maybe now that it’s a school, it won’t be so angry. But somehow…I doubt it.”

Melbourne property inspections are due to finish, and the school is expected to open as normal in September.