Carrie’s Cuts: The Age of the ‘Nerd’

nerd loveApps! That’s where it’s…app. Ha! But seriously, it’s wonderful that we’re living in an age with so much technological innovation. I can just pull out my smart phone, easy as anything, check the weather, read the news, watch teenage guys be idiots on YouTube…all that jazz. It should never be seen as a ‘bad’ thing that we have access to so much technology. We should be happy that there’s so much choice. And with people who do app design courses around Melbourne, it’s a pretty sure sign that things are only getting better from here. I mean, really…people who do app design for a job! It’s not just something some tech ‘nerds’ do in their spare time. There’s really not even such thing as a nerd any more. It’s the age of the nerd!

Of course, there’s always going to be this lingering stereotype of the computer geek, working away in their parents’ basement…stereotypes definitely die hard. But I’ve been to pick up my brother from his software development course, and I’ve seen his classmates. All normal people, wide range of ages, just folks who want to make a career in computers, or at least learn more about them. It’s not something you can afford to ignore for very long, what with so many jobs being automated. You can either find yourself out of a job, or IN a job programming the robot that stole your job. Hard truths, but still truths.

Robots aside, there are a ton of benefits to taking an IT course. Learn to work with the fabric of society, help people around you who are struggling to keep up…you might end up being the designated tech support, but at least you’ll have people who value your skills. In fact, I’ve been inspired by all this talk. I’d like to go and find out about the IT courses in Melbourne, see if my tech-savvy measures up. It probably doesn’t, but it’s something to try!