Disinherited daughter unsuccessfully disputes multi-billion dollar Will

Mr Hopper's daughter unsuccessfully disputed his Will in court.
Mr Hopper’s daughter unsuccessfully disputed his Will in court.

The daughter of an esteemed bayside billionaire has failed to secure a piece of her deceased father’s estate. Real estate mogul Harry Hopper passed away in 2014 after a lengthy battle with skin cancer, leaving him plenty of time for making a Will excluding his daughter, Melody Hopper.

Mr Hopper, who amassed a global property portfolio to the tune of four billion dollars, kept a notoriously low profile throughout his life. He successfully kept the details of the relationship breakdown between him and his daughter out of the press, but rumours swirled for the thirty years in which the Hoppers were estranged.

The most popular theory is that Ms Hopper refused to heed her father’s insistence that she obtain gainful employment, with Mr Hopper eventually resorting to cutting her off financially. Ms Hopper made a single comment to the press in 1997, stating that her relationship with her father would never recover, and that she would take no further questions on the matter.

Upon Mr Hopper’s death in January 2014, it emerged that Ms Hopper was excluded from the most recent iteration of his Will. Leaving no other children or close relatives, he willed his entire estate to several charities of which he was an esteemed patron.

Ms Hopper then spearheaded a lengthy court battle in order to dispute the Will and secure half of his estate, which she believed to be her rightful share.

However, Mr Hopper’s Will was so watertight that she was unable to achieve the desired amendments.

Ms Hopper spoke briefly to a journalist following court, saying that the judge’s decision was “unfair” and that she had exhausted all avenues of appeal.

“There is nowhere to go from here,” she said.

“While the outcome is unfair, in my opinion, I will not be pursuing this matter further.”

It is expected that no other parties will attempt to contest Mr Hopper’s Will.