Get on the Oxygen, Folks

portable hyperbaric chamberHello, dearest and most awesome of readers…that is, if anyone is left. Don’t leave poor old Briella hanging! Okay, so our old news site went down in flames, big deal. That place was stuffy anyway. I’m back, I’m bad and I’m currently occupying my very own cubicle right in the middle of the room! You know what they say about middle cubicles: they put you right in the middle of the action! Oh, and they keep me away from the she-demon over there in the corner with her own fancy office. Well, for YOUR information, I love it here in my cubicle. So there!

Now, onto the juicy stuff. Oxygen is juicy, right? Because right now in Melbourne, oxygen therapy is taking off like never before. Yep, you yourself can go along and hope inside a hyperbaric chamber (so satisfying to say) and rest on your laurels while you get flooded with loads of delicious oxygen. Mm, just breathe in all that goodness. That’s what healing feels like, because oh yes, oxygen helps with whatever ails you! Well, not everything, but a lot of things. If you want my opinion, it’s a great idea. I was sent along for work to see how it all goes down, and I gotta say, being in one of those chambers gives you a new lease on life. Some are even made of glass, so you claustrophobics don’t have to miss out. You can see it all while you read a book, write in your diary, watch an episode of Fantasy or just lie back enjoying the oxygen. Makes SO much sense when you think about it. We breathe that stuff all the time, naturally, without thinking about it. Let’s just get some more of it in our bodies, because we’re clearly in need!

Anyway, the whole thing gets a Briella thumbs-up. Would try again, have recommended to a friend, and I predict a bright future for places in Melbourne that offer hyperbaric treatment. Take it from Briella…more oxygen can only be good for you!

Briella, signing off!!