Heatwave sees Melbourne residents retreat to ice skating rink

Ice skating is a popular way to beat the heat in Melbourne.
Ice skating is a popular way to beat the heat in Melbourne.

The best way to beat the heat is to ice skate, Melbourne residents have found. As a record heatwave sweeps the city with four consecutive days about 35 degrees celsius, the ice skating rink has quickly become a popular haven to retreat from the heat.

Cooler than a shopping centre, not to mention carrying less risk of spending money frivolously, the ice skating rink is experiencing booming trade particularly during the hottest parts of the day.

As Melburnians await a cool change that is a long time coming, ice skating has become a way to beat the boredom and keep cool.

We counted a rate of an average five people per minute walking into a popular ice skating rink during peak times earlier today, braving the extreme weather conditions in the brief walk from the air conditioned sanctuaries of their cars to the icy cool air of the rink.

Docklands resident Nicholas Havos says that he has been ice skating every day since the heatwave began.

“I can’t handle the heat, to be honest, but at the rink it’s always 16 degrees so I can deal with that,” he says.

“I’ve been here, skating away, for four days, since the heatwave arrived. It’s great to go ice skating when it’s hot weather outside because it is not only much more comfortable, but it is a chance to exercise. If not for my local ice skating rink in Melbourne, I would be laying on the couch and moving very little. Ice skating is very good exercise, I find.”

Those wishing to go ice skating are advised to book tickets to their session ahead of time online. Due to the popularity of ice skating on hot days, sessions at peak times fill out quickly, with a limited number of people allowed on the ice in each session time.