Influential Artists Plans Makeup Tour

makeup artistsInternational music artist ‘Beauticia’ has made her Australian debut, hosting a concert in Brisbane that she has described as not simply entertainment, but also a movement for social good.

Beauticia is already known in the United State and the UK for hits such as ‘Generic Empowerment Song’ and ‘Back in the Kitchen (because sandwiches are awesome)’, in which she challenged progressive ideals and caused a number of strong responses. Beauticia’s latest tour is aimed at promoting her latest single, ‘Gorgeous If U Wanna B’, in which she speaks out on the benefits of letting children choose their own paths in life.

“I can see that Brisbane has beautician courses, and that’s super awesome,” Beauticia told channel 4 news. “I love how people can do entire university degrees learning how to make others look glam or interesting, makeup is totally an art. But I want to get the message out there that there IS a choice, that you shouldn’t feel boxed in by what people tell you to do. If you’re a girl and you love pink and dolls, that’s not a bad thing! If you’re a boy and really into action games, cool! Everyone is being pushed towards something else under the pretence that it’s giving them a choice, which I think is super backwards.”

Beauticia claims to have received the idea from a group within a Brisbane beauty school, whose makeup artistry challenge went viral on video-sharing site Me-Straw, and was set to Beautician lyrics.

“It’s so awesome that Beautician is coming here,” says Maddison, a Brisbane makeup artist. “And she’s new, so sure, she can’t be everywhere. But her messages are sick, and her songs are even more super sick. She’s just SO down to earth, you know?”

Beauticia plans to finish her course by visiting various Brisbane makeup artist course students and giving talks, both on motivation for goals and how to achieve her signature makeup look, dubbed ‘Beauticia-Lucious’ by various tabloids.